The Fast Entry to the ASAM technologies and their integration and use

Often the following questions arise:

  • How much effort is needed to implement an interface predefined by a tender?

  • How can the interface of a tool in applications or automation systems in devices be utilized and supported most optimal?

  • What possibilities does the interface provide and which use cases can be met?

  • How can the optimal migration of existing solutions to new technologies be realized?

We can provide you with answers to all these questions as well as many more in our training courses, which are specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers. Thereby we focus individual trainings which can be carried out inhouse or at a location chosen by you. This offers the advantage to directly address problems and questions targeted by the development engineers. All trainings are supported with practical examples to illustrate the features and uses.

GDI Example Course - Contents
  • Modeling of selected device capabilities

  • Creation of a DCD for your device

  • Implementation of a device driver

  • Testing the device driver at functional level

  • Integration of the device driver into the application via the coordinator

  • Usage scenarios with and without parameterization

  • Rapid application development for the device classes

  • Application integration via coordinator Services

  • Embedded usage of GDI

  • Pro and con discussion of selected issues on the part of the device manufacturer

MCD-3-MC Example Course - Contents
  • Differences ASAP 3 with 3.0 object model

  • Database query of the measurement and control variables

  • Continuous, grid-specific data recording

  • Adjustment

  • Inclusion of triggers

  • ByPass solution iLinkRT for fast data acquisition

  • MATLAB automation parallel to the automation system

Innovative industry 4.0 device diagnostics- and flow-automation in three steps

We show you how you can optimize your device so that it is optimal to diagnose in use under real environmental conditions. We support you with the integration of your device via the existing interface in our tester (PC or embedded) or integrate an internal tester in the device. We put you in the position to create efficient, portable test procedures for your systems. In our training courses we will show you how this technology is implemented and applied to your devices and equipment. .

After Sales Safety Example Course - Contents
  • Description of diagnostic data (variables and device functions)

  • Integration of generic diagnostic protocols or manufacturer-specific diagnostic protocols

  • Creation of diagnostic procedures based on a function kit (Graphical or DSL)

  • Creation of automation sequences or commissioning scenarios

  • Transfer of OTX code into runtime code

  • Test execution on the PC platform

  • Embedded tester for device diagnostics

  • Active diagnostics for safety checks

  • Remote tester usage

  • Pro and con discussion of selected issues on the part of the device manufacturer

Feasibility studies for new technologies / standards and their integration

We analyze the possibilities and limitations of new technologies and standards and show you ways for the successful and rapid integration into your existing product landscape.

Standards / Technologies


  • ASAM MCD 3 - MC/D

  • ASAM ASAP 3 - MC

  • ASAM MCD-2 MC ASAP 2 (AML/A2l)


  • iLinkRT



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