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Our portfolio includes ASAM GDI Warehouse components, an intelligent Multi Client Adapter for test automation in real time as well as a base software library for a XIL Framework. The warehouse consists of development tools for the creation and testing of device drivers, tools for application development and a middleware runtime system.

An overview of all products of our warehouse tool chain in context you can see here.

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ASAM GDI development tools - Device driver development

Graphical modeling of GDI devices in UML and creation of the associated DCD / DIT / DII files (ASCII)

Automated access to, and inspection of, file descriptors

Save time through automated driver generation

ASAM GDI development tools - Device driver testing

Development and analysis tool for testing of device drivers

ASAM GDI development Tools - Application development

Class depiction for local and easy use of remote functionalities

ASAM GDI runtime system (middleware)

Parameterization tool for generating object / instance descriptions

GDI coordinator with C ++ and Python API for Windows and Linux

Platform adapter for Windows and Linux

Platform adapter extension for Windows and Linux

XiL Framework

Base software library

Testbench automation (mc@dapt)

Measurement and Calibration in the control unit


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