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As part of research projects, M&K Software Solutions develops solutions for new diagnostic capabilities of smart devices in which key technologies are used.

Partner & Cooperations

ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems e.V.) is an initiative of german automobile manufacturers with the aim of standardizing interfaces on a global scale. These interfaces include:

  • Device interfaces for communication of intelligent subsystems via any hardware interfaces (ASAM GDI)

  • Interfaces for measurement, calibration and diagnostic systems in the field of development of automotive electronics (ASAM-MCD)

  • Open Data Services for storage and exchange of experimental parameters and outcomes as well as associated access functions (ASAM-ODS)

  • Interfaces for automatic optimization systems (ACI)

  • Test automation interfaces for decoupling of test cases from the test system hardware, for example, Hardware in the Loop test benches (XIL)

  • Rule Descriptions for verification of calibration data (CERP)

  • Description of calibration procedures (CPX)

The present ASAM specifications represent a fusion of application and communication functions and can be used for a variety of devices and applications thanks to the holistic approach.

Embedded4You is an alliance of agile, medium-sized and flexible companies that have placed their focus on embedded technologies.

E4Y stands for embedded system solutions and durability with simultaneous flexibility throughout the whole product lifecycle. Innovative products and projects are available individually and as part of comprehensive solutions, which integrate the core competencies of the companies involved in the network.

Research projects

Perspectives4You is both a platform and a network for innovative embedded technologies and services. P4Y develops joint products and services, spreads ideas for innovation, promotes and supports the innovation management of partners and brings them together to realize common, interoperable solutions.

USTIF (Universal standardized tester for inspections in the field)

On an embedded tester which allows stationary and mobile use, diagnostic / testing and automation processes are executed. Processes are created in the standardized exchange format OTX. Providing of an OTX extension for connecting GDI allows standardized access to testing via the tester integrated in the middleware. With OTX, application scenarios are buildable quick and easy, without detailed programming knowledge. All communication specifics are encapsulated for the user. For process and equipment functionality, the flow creation has priority. The device functionality is provided in the form of a kit for the flow representation.


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