ASAM MCD-2 MC 1.7.1 Checker verfügbar

Parallel zum Release des neuen ASAM MCD2 MC 1.7.1 Standards, wurde auch der zugehörige Parser, welcher die syntaktische und semantische Richtigkeit des Standards sicherstellt, durch die M&K GmbH bereitgestellt. Dieser kann, bei Interesse über dem ASAM e.V. erworben werden. Der Parser ist abwärtskompatibel zu allen früheren Versionen des MCD2 MC Standards.

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DiagDog - Diagnosis with minimum implementation effort

With the DiagDog Modul family, M&K provides an innovative solution for active and passive diagnostics as well as for the analysis of controller-assisted applications, which are used in the areas of SmartHome over Industry 4.0 to IoT.

What has to be done if a problem in a device occurs, or if the device functionality has to be guaranteed for a long time? A targeted determination of the system state from the data of the embedded system during ongoing operation under real ambient conditions helps immensely with that task.


Enable efficient diagnostic techniques for the Internet of Things

Diagnoses are needed in order to determine the state of devices and systems. On the basis of information obtained through these diagnoses, further steps for the handling of these devices and machines can be derived. These can be preventive measures for maintaining the function for a longer period of time or also findings for a fast and efficient repair after a failure.

Such information reveals weak points, which must be avoided for the development of successor systems. Last but not least, the diagnostic programs provide a know-how in troubleshooting, which becomes more and more valuable as the complexity of the machines increases.

Convince yourself and install the following demo application for analyzing and diagnosing a wind turbine (Login required).


After Sales Safety - Functional tests in the field

A method is presented which allows a diagnosis of any device even if the device does not provide designated diagnostic instrumentation. The access to the device is realized via an arbitrary, already existing communication interface or a debugging interface. This allows access to each value and function in the device software when the device is already in use under actual operating and environmental conditions. This is where the diagnostic tester comes to use, on which different diagnostic programs can be executed. Thereby different technologies are combined:


Our new homepage is online!

It's finally here: The new website of M&K Software Solutions.

After some persuasion and a workload that should not be underestimated, we can introduce: The new website of M&K Software Solutions. We cordially invite you to explore the site and possibly learn one or two new things about our company, our products or developments.


ASAM MCD2 MC 1.7.0 Reference Checker released

With the release of the ASAM MCD 2 MC 1.7.0 Standard, a new syntax / semantics checker was released, which is now available via the ASAM e.V.. Thus, the development of the third generation tools by M&K has been successfully completed.

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ASAM XIL 2.0.0 Open Source Framework

With the release of the ASAM XIL 2.0.0 Standard, a C# source code library was published. It provides open source software which can be used in the implementation of the XIL API. It covers about 70% of the implementation effort of the XIL framework.

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New real-time test stand automation solution has proven itself.

You are regularly in the situation to control measure and setpoint values and you wish to have the opportunity to assess or manipulate those values in realtime? This is now possible with the help of the multi-client adapter from M&K in conjunction with INCA-MCE from ETAS.

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