Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Devices in the age of industry 4.0 have built-in computers whose architecture is adapted to the specific devices task. The software used processes the adjacent peripheral data and provides data for other functional units. The systems are optimized for the dedicated task. An extension and modification of functionality requires a redesign / extension in hardware and software. A realization of changing diagnostic requirements is therefore uneconomical implemented in embedded systems. A realization of changing diagnostic requirements is therefore uneconomical and unfeasible in Embedded Systems.

Our service

M&K develops solutions for the targeted device and functional diagnosis in the embedded systems area. Here, methods are used which allow to perform a diagnosis of any device without the need to provide device diagnostics instrumentation on said device. The access to the device is realized via an arbitrary, already existing communication interface or a debugging interface.

This allows access to arbitrary values and functions in the device software when the device is already in use in the field under real operating and environment conditions. Thereby, a diagnostic tester, on which different diagnostic programs run, comes to use.

To achieve that functionality, different technologies are used:

  • Provision of available device functions as description in the form of a usable kit

  • For the diagnosis flow, OTX (ISO 13209) comes to use

  • Tthe access to the device is encapsulated via an ASAM GDI middleware (ISO 20242)

  • Ensuring the device access over the selected interface (for example, SPI, Ethernet).

The method enables different applications for active and passive diagnostics for devices which are integrated into an automation network and be remotely controlled, such as:

  • Targeted troubleshooting

  • Cyclical monitoring of the functionality

  • Determination of device status

  • Analysis of sporadic effects

  • Functional device testing

  • device commissioning

  • Long-term analysis

  • Error insertion for Safety proof and fault diagnosis

  • Creation and testing of automation processes

For diagnostic applications, legislator scripts can be used in addition to the vendor-specific processes, which are applicable by the abstraction of functionally identical devices from different manufacturers. For the various forms of OTX in the market (eg graphically, textual pseudo code or programming language), it is also possible to archive the "Master Expertise" in a simple form and provide enterprise-wide available for use without having detailed knowledge of programming or the API's required. For that, knowledge of process and functionality of each device is sufficient.

The definition and implementation of new tests after equipment delivery for any device functionalities (regardless of the processor code and platform) without software modifications in the device is possible.

Platforms / Technologies

  • OTX


Training / Consultation / Support

  • for new developments within the concept of "Industry 4.0"

  • Adaptation and extension for existing systems

Test and diagnostic tools

  • Diagnosis and analysis of embedded systems in the field

  • Driver creation and system access (communications)


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