Developments of M&K Software Solutions

Through the active co-creation of various standards in the automotive and petroleum industries by M&K you participate in the interdisciplinary experiences:


You have trouble with high adaptation costs for dynamic integration of different devices in applications (device replacement, installation expansion)? M&K Software Solutions can provide a potential solution in the form of a platform-independent middleware with functionality abstraction which connects various services with multiple advantages.

Data exchange formats

You have determined that your exchange files are interpreted differently? Are there errors in the files and ambiguities in the interface description that complicate automatic evaluability? Do you lack the appropriate software for transferring data from a file? M&K Software Solutions helps to define binding rules of interpretation in order to avoid such errors, and to develop a data acquisition interface.


You lack a manufacturer-independent definition of data exchange formats, communication protocols or software interfaces? Does this leads to immense effort in the integration of tools from different manufacturers? M&K Software Solutions lends you a hand for cross-vendor standardization!


Does un-standardized and unchecked behavior of client and server components aggravate the interchangeability of those components? Do you lack a suitable, reliable test environment? M&K Software Solutions supports you with the preparation of test rules which are based on interface definitions, process descriptions or state diagrams, so that these problems become a thing of the past.

Device Drivers

You need a device driver for encapsulating the device access? We are able to create such device drivers according to your device features. If necessary, we create the description of the device functions for you too. For the driver testing, simulations will be developed.


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