About us

About us

M&K GmbH was founded by employees of the Technical University in 1995 as a spin-off of said university nd now functions mainly as a research and development service provider in the automotive sector. The close cooperation with universities in the region is our connection between science and practice. That’s why we support the universities in areas such as conducting research or the qualification of students in the company.

EPSI - petrol stations and automotive industry

In the early years there was a focus on EPSI – petrol stations and involvement in the underlying communication standards. Extensive experience on conformity assessment of petrol components was gained by the operation of a competence center for testing of metering pumps, price boards, tank level measurements and fuel terminals. These tests have proven very successful for our customers.

Based on test strategies and elaborate error handling mechanisms, a supportive failure analysis and diagnostic was carried out by M&K. For the OEM of the petroleum industry assessments have been created through service stations in operation and the conformance tests have been approved by the “Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt”.

Due to the success and acceptance of the by M&K established test mechanisms, M&K expanded to areas of traffic engineering with a focus on the automotive industry.


As a founding member of the standardization initiative ASAM e.V. our company has introduced its knowledge to numerous projects to aid with the design of the ASAM standards, whereby the range includes both the automotive electronics and computer aided testing.

As well as the design of standards, studies on migration and integration of standards are carried out as well. For the customer specific implementation, ASAM - compliant software solutions and accompanying development tools/test environments are available.

In 2007, the adaptation of the experience gained from the ASAM automotive environment for software development, software testing, conformance testing, middleware, device- and interface integration was initiated for the use in the embedded - area.

M&K today

Our solutions are focused on the budget of small businesses without compromising diversity. According to our company philosophy we offer both integrated solution modules as well as complete solutions, while the extensive consultation with our customers always plays a dominant role. This ensures the customers ability to quickly and easily implement technically challenging and standards-based solutions.


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